Climate of Fear

The coronavirus has done the unexpected – it has bumped “climate change” off the fear register for now as reports of the virus continue to dominate headlines and news reports. The lesson being taught us is that we are really not in control of our lives, as much as we’d like to believe and think we are.

ust as we cannot re-adjust the climate to what we think is normal, so we cannot cure every disease, heal every hurt, satisfy every injustice, stop every bullet or even every bully, dry up every tear, alleviate every fear. This world is broken, and it will remain broken until Christ comes again. And that event will be beyond words. Every mouth will be stopped.

That fact, of course, does not mean that we give up trying to find cures, to promote justice and fairness, to help the homeless, and to do what we can to comfort the suffering – the work of restoration is vital work. Yet all such work is temporary in nature. Even those who Jesus healed of so many ailments would still have to die.

Christians are not meant to be spectators of a reality show, sitting idly by to see what will happen to this earth, while waiting for Jesus to come. But we’re also not super- men and women of Marvel comic fame who can save this world from itself. Nor are the many politicians who clamor for your votes. We can’t save the world. We can’t even save ourselves. That’s what Christ came to do – He came to save – for eternity. He did it flawlessly. Perfectly. Finally. Still, He uses us to accomplish His purposes, and that should both humble and excite us.

Fear is part of our nature. And events such as epidemics remind us just how fragile and how vulnerable we are, and how scared our neighbors can be. Those who shake their puny fists at God need their eyes opened, their ears unstopped, their hearts turned from stone to flesh. Perfect love casts out fear. And perfect love is what God gives to us who live in a fear-filled world.

John Van Dyk, Editor


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